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Welcome to the Research Guide for English

This guide is intended to introduce Carrollton's English students to resources in Founders' Library and to help guide you through the research process with examples, suggestions, and tutuorials - with information how to contact the Librarian for help at every step.

Here you will find what we consider to be the core reference materials, including information about what they are, where to find them, and how to use them. 

    This list is not exhaustive:
    Finding journal articles is a guide to how to distinguish between scholarly and popular articles, and will also include examples of the many article databases used by researchers in English. 
    We have detailed instructions for MLA, Literature Resource Center, and Literature Criticism Online, as well as a list of other places to look.
    Full-text primary resources is a list of different places to find primary resources.
    We have a guide to using the catalog to find books and other materials.  


Faculty often want students to locate and read scholarly, academic, peer reviewed, evidence-based journal articles.  But, how do you know if you have such an article?  The ten-minute tutorial linked below will demystify this process for you.  It is all about know what to look for in the article. 

The good news is that once you know what to look for, finding good scholarly articles is not hard.

The bad news is that the computer cannot do it all for you.  Databases can do a "first sort" of the articles, but you must look at each article to see if it is truly a research study that has been through the peer review process.

So, take at look at this short (and entertaining) tutorial:

Subject Guide

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