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What Are Databases and Why You Need Them?

How to search databases?

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Authors Visit : Jordan Matter

Jordan Matter, portrait and dance photographer, authored New York Times bestseller, Dancers Among Us .  He is known to millions for his 10 Minute Photo Challenge You Tube Videos.

During his time with the students, he spoke from the heart about the journey he took to get where he is today.  In a poignant message to the girls, he made sure to impart what he'd learned : don't give up on your dreams.

He spoke about his photography sessions and how he was able to capture incredible moments from dancers across the world and the stories that made it into the book some funny and others about the serious issue of social media being used as a bullying tool.   

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Database Content Descriptions - A - E

  • African American Studies Center
    The Oxford African American Studies Center focuses on the lives and events which have shaped African American and African history and culture.
  •   CountryReports
    CountryReports provides over 35,000 pages of online content on the cultures and countries of the world. With unique content from around the world, our members rely on us to keep our database concise and current.
    Academic Search Premier –  It provides acclaimed full-text journals, magazines and other valuable resources.
    Biography Reference Center – offers a comprehensive collection of full-text biographies and unique narrative biographies.
    Literary Reference Center Plus – provides the most relevant information of authors and their works 
    Primary Search – contains full text for popular children's magazines, easy-to-read encyclopedic entries and a vast image collection.


General Research Databases - E - I

Database Content Descriptions - P - T

New Books