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Library Resources

The library resources at Carrollton support rigorous academic standards and include:

  • Four libraries:  Primary & Montessori Schools, Intermediate School, Junior High and the High School
  • Two professional full-time librarians, one Library Clerk, and one Archivist
  • 25,000 books in all formats including digital full-text books to cover all disciplines in support of the curricula
  • Over 60 magazines and newspapers subscriptions, including foreign language titles in print and digital
  • An extensive ever evolving online subscription database collection with access from school and at home
  • Online library catalog - to help find books on the shelf - with access from school and at home
  • The Library of Congress Classification call number scheme is uniquely used at Founders Library -  We are a college library to benefit our students as they move from our high school library to the college library.  They have a head-start on their research papers - even before they get to college!  
  • Library of Congress - Most academic libraries use LC, and most public libraries and K-12 school libraries use Dewey Decimal.
  • LibGuides an important resource at Carrollton.  This software program is an easy-to-use content management system and is deployed at thousands of libraries worldwide. Librarians around the world use it to curate knowledge and share information, organize class and subject specific resources, and to create and manage websites.
  • Networked facilities with access to the school network, library catalog, subscription databases, e-books, e-periodicals, and the Internet
  • Rooms for individual and group learning and innovation

Visit our Patron's Catalog (here) to search for books and other materials in our school collection.

Search our Databases A-Z (here) using your Carrollton userid and password

The Mission of the Library Program

  • Guided by the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools, our Carrollton Libraries are key centers of learning where access to scholarly information, research support, library instruction, computing, and study facilities - are all available.  Young people, today, live in a world rich in technology and media; they are digital natives and interact with information, stories, and the world at large in new and wondrous ways. To support their imagination, there is the library - where they will find personal help whenever they need it - at school and when they are away - wherever internet access is available - through messaging, reference guides, online tutorials, and intuitive interfaces.  And, because a child's reading skills are important to their success in school and work, reading "outloud" to them - which is a fun and imaginative activity for children, that opens doors to all kinds of new worlds - is an integral part of the curricula.


Study Together


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Library Hours and Librarians

Library Hours:  Mon - Fri, 7:45am - 5:00pm  

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Bibliograpic Instruction

Bibliographic instruction is taught by the Librarians in a logical progression as part of the curricula. Search techniques and research are taught in collaboration, -  with teachers and their classroom assignments and projects.

Founders - High School Library

Oak Room - Intermediate Library